We aim to be a centre of excellence for learning and research in public health and contributing to health systems.


To contribute to public health and the health system through tailored training programmes for staff in the health sector..

PHI Partnerships

Several partnerships have been developed to compliment PHI’s strengths and expertise and to allow for wider dispersion for its education...

Welcome To PHI

  • The Public Health Institute (PHI) is a multi-disciplinary institute that promotes creation of new knowledge and application of evidence-based interventions through delivering applied health research/professional training and teaching programs.

Public Health Institute

Our Students

PHI provides different postgraduate educational programs in the field of public health; the certificate is awarded by Sudanese Medical Specialization Board (SMSB). The following are some of the programs and their students who are registered at SMSB. The numbers reflecting the total of the graduates and enrolled students:

Master of Public Health


During Service Master of Public Health


Master of Disaster Management


Master of Family Medicine


Diploma of Local Health System


Who's Teaching

- Dr. Haithem Awadalla / MD of Community Medicine, Consultant of Public Health
- Dr.Osama Elshafie / MD of Family Medicine, PHI-DG. ,Consultant of F.M
- Dr. Abdalla Sied Ahmed / Fellowship of Community medicine