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International Association of National Public Health Institutes

The Public Health Institute is a multi-disciplinary institute that promotes creation of new knowledge and application of evidence-based interventions through delivering applied health research, professional training and teaching programs aimed at enhancing the leadership and performance of the health system and improving health and health care nationally and internationally.

PHI was established in May of 2009 by ministerial decree under the Directorate of Human Resources for Health, Federal Ministry of Health, which supervises the Running of the institute through a director appointed by the Undersecretary for Health. It is mandated for training and research, and to contribute to the development of public health in the country.

The institute is a specialized entity that provides various services in different areas of public health (See Details) , and it is contributing to the development of health services within and outside the Sudan. In its pursuit to achieve its mission, the PHI is applying different strategies, e.g.:

Carrying out different training programs (short and long term) through the teaching and learning unit. Development and conveyance of operational researches and supporting the evidence based decision-making process; by providing technical and expert opinions through research and development unit.

Although the institute was established in 2009; it is now moving in quick steps and is ambitious to satisfy public health needs and scale up services. Capacity building is at the core of PHI’s mission, as we believe that, by improving the knowledge and skills of our trainees this will enable them to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently.

In doing this in an innovational way, it should contribute in generating quality managers in public health across the country. Prioritization of traini with different funding streams.


The Public Health Institute aims to be a centre of excellence for learning and research in public health and contributing to health systems and public health development in Sudan and beyond in the region.

The mission of the Public Health Institute is to contribute to public health and the health system through tailored training programmes for staff in the health sector; conducting research; and offering evidence based solutions and technical advice.

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