Family health workshop

A family health workshop was called by the directorate general of the primary health care in collaboration with the Public health institute. It was conducted on the 8th of May 2017 in the police club hall. The workshop was addressing the strengthening of Primary Health Care (PHC) in Sudan through a Family health approach policy. The workshop was headed by the undersecretary; with the presence of different member state representatives from Algezira state, River Nile state, White Nile, Red Sea state, North Kurdufan, and Khartoum state. The first part of the workshop, initiated by the undersecretary who gave a welcoming speech and then proceeded by a brief presentation of the building blocks of the family health policy, which was presented by Dr Abdalla Sid Ahmed. This was followed by a unified states report presentation by Dr Hiba Babekir. Moving forward, the operational guidelines of family medicine were presented by Dr Osama Elshafie Sirelkhatim. The second element of the workshop started by grouping state representatives to brainstorm and fill a template in relation to the different procedures of implementation of family health. This was trailed by them presenting their findings and a discussion followed. A wrap up was done by the PHI director apprehending the efforts done in the different states and a starting point was set for moving forward in the integration of family health within the current health system."