National Health Policy ( kassala state )

As part of the national health policy (NHP) update process, the Federal Ministry of Health, through the Public Health Institute has been organizing events to consult the community on the new National Health Policy. On the 17th of October 2017, another community consultation workshop was conducted in Kasala State, Reefi Kasala locality, Wad shareefai village. The event was headed by the Director General of ministry of health, Kasala State, national consultant for the community consultations (Dr Mohamed Abdelhafiz) and the Director General of the PHI (DrAbdalla Seid Ahmed), and was attended by local residents of Wad shareefai village. After introductions and welcoming, opening speeches were delivered by Dr. Mohamed Abdelhafiz, the Director General of Kasala ministry of health welcomed his people, then Dr. Abdalla Seid Ahmed talked to community about national health policy of the country and ensured their ownership of this policy, after which the floor was opened for general discussion. The discussion mainly focused on three major areas: the current challenges facing the Sudanese health; the different health needs of individuals and communities; and recommendations for improving health services. Finally the workshop was concluded by Dr. Abdalla Seid Ahme , then ended with a thank you message for all participants. .