PHI Partnerships:

Several partnerships have been developed to compliment PHI’s strengths and expertise and to allow for wider dispersion for its education, value and increase the recognition and visibility of PHI. In late 2015 the Public Health Institute developed its partnership policy aim to create sustainable partnerships of mutual benefit to both partners.

To build educational capacity and institutional development PHI conducted different partnerships to contribute to health system development through training and inform health policy through scientific research.

With University of Leeds PHI conducted several workshops and short trainings in the areas of teaching and learning and health policy analysis; as a master degree in Health management, policy and planning with foundation module deliver in Leeds.

There were joint project with PUM Expertise Netherlands aimed to assure the quality of education at PHI, which is accordingly provided training in teaching and education, provided idea of foundation module. As they supported drafting student’s assessment manual and student evaluation model, supported in mapping of registration, examination and student support system, gave recommendations for PHI instructor pathway and mentoring manual.

In September 2015 PHI signed memorandum of understanding with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The aim is to have mutual beneficiaries in the areas of national and international crises. The scope of this memorandum is to have exchange programs of visiting students, lecturers and researchers; provide training for staff; sharing facilities and resources as mutual assist each others in developing new programs or any academic activities; and conduct collaborative researches and publications.